5 OCT 2017 – morning

Sadly I am recovering from some cartilage damage in my knee so my training has suffered a bit. But it happens and with patience and physical therapy it’ll heal and I will be back to full strength. 

10 rounds as fast as possible

  • 10 push ups
  • 10 abmat sit ups
  • 3 strict dead hang pull ups

3 rounds

  • 8 x 1 arm DB Press 
  • 10 x KBS @ 55 (really focus on firing those glutes and not pulling so much with your arms)

100 x tri push down with thin, red, rogue band. Goal is as few of sets as possible. Shoot for 50+ with the first set. When you need to break it up take no longer than 3 seconds to start again. Hands never leave the band. 

1 rounds max reps of strict ring dips. Bi’s touch rings and elbows lock out at top. No kipping. This was rough but it’s good. Lock that form in, keep the body swing out of your movement. 

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