26 Oct 17

Damaged, damaged and more damaged. The longer I am on physical therapy the more I am concerned with my come back. My heavy squatting days are over, though is there a need to squat over 500 lbs again? 

Was my desire to go heavy due to ego or was I truly desiring peak Fitness? Sadly, it was the former. Being able to move more weight than the rest of the gym was a prideful event, fitness was only a by product. It was because of this ego that I’d push through pain and eventually find myself injured. For the first time in my life I am restricted from the movements I love. 

But this has given me time to focus on the mental aspect, and build up my upper body. Struggling with air squats and PVC work has been monumental in combating my ego. Sometimes it takes the limiting of our skills to regain the passion in sport. 

It is time to rebuild, this time Fitness centric rather than egocentric. Let’s conquer the obstacles and tackle mountains… literally. 


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