11 Dec 17 + Mental Training

Monday’s strength. The first week in a 4 week cycle. This week you’ll have two days of heavy and two days of dynamic. The heavy work will have single reps with the scheme increasing volume slightly each of the 4 weeks before the deload week. Enjoy.

I like to share quotes from my studies. This is a rather interesting topic for tactical athletes as well as CrossFitters or triathletes. Controlling your perception of exertion can increase endurance performance since most individuals consider fatigue to be at a mental point prior to literal muscular fatigue. Meaning, there’s still more you can do.

This study used motivation self talk on a time to exhaustion test to study endurance and perceived exertion. It was interesting at how much it changed with minimal training and only 4 individualized phrases.

The citation to the study is below for those interested.

Blanchfield, A. W., Hardy, J., De Morree, H. M., Staiano, W., & Marcora, S. M. (2014). Talking Yourself Out of Exhaustion: The Effects of Self-talk on Endurance Performance. Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, 998-1007.

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