01 Feb 18

Some speed and power work coupled with a long loaded movement.

The grip work was thrown in because it’s been lacking but we need to prepare our grip for the odd object focused cycle coming up and because grip strength is huge in the tactical world.

Quality core work to finish it out.

I have been asked if I could program shorter days as many of you on active duty have limited time to train. So from Monday to Friday I will try to keep the workouts under an hour and then Saturdays are going to be longer stamina/work capacity work.

30 Jan 18

Some rope work today which is great for grip. Make sure to get a nice and high jump. I like to chalk my hands heavily for the floral climb and use those chalk marks as my target for each subsequent round.

Run work forcing you to change energy systems. Your pace but if you have it after yesterday I’d say push it. If you’re sore then pace as needed or take today as your rest day and hit the ruck hard tomorrow.

The finisher is working on shoulders and obliques. Use a light band for the tri extensions. If you have the rogue monster bands I like the thin blue for this.

29 Jan 18

Make sure you have a quality dynamic warm-up and a proper cool down. Spend additional time working on mobility after your work is finished.

This METCON will make your lungs burn. Pace as needed but keep moving

28 Jan 18

You know how Sunday’s go by now. Mobility work and a rest for your muscles.

If possible get linked in at a local yoga studio. This would be the preferred method if you have bad mobility as they can help you learn to move better which will do incredible things for your fitness overall.

27 JAN 2018

As I mentioned before I am going to start recording my individual training when I deviate from the prescribed programming on the site. As of right now I am moving away towards a cycling focus as I decided to sign up for a 200-mile cycling race in Georgia.

The purpose of this race was two-fold: First, I wanted to test myself mentally and physically. Second, I wanted to do something that I couldn’t just go out and do without training. This will require time, effort, and dedication to accomplish.

Though I enjoy cycling, it is not something that I am fantastic at. My form is rough, my lactic threshold and stamina in the cycling pose leave something to be desired and I am a big guy.  My goal is to drop down to the 220’s for weight and work on cycling form, lactic threshold, and stamina. Luckily, we happen to find ourselves in a stamina cycle so I will be jumping in a bunch of the programming while keeping a cycling focus.

Today’s training involved:

2 x 20:00 cycling (not including warm-up or cool down)
10:00 HR 140+ (ended up around 145-148bpm for the majority of the time)
10:00 HR 150+ (overestimated and ended up closer to the 160 bpm with a cadence of 98-106 on the indoor trainer)

Then I modified the main site workout a bit because I don’t have a wall here or a tire, and I don’t have time to drive to the park due to homework and trying to better myself.

5 rounds in kit (26.2#)
Burpee box jump over @ 30″ (5-4-3-2-1)
Deadlift @ 315 (5-4-3-2-1)
Airdyne (for calories 25-20-15-10-5)

Debating about a ruck later, something easy like 30 minutes on the woodway curve @ 65#.

Things I need to work on: pacing and controlling my heart rate, finding the right gear, and meaningful breathing.

27 Jan 18

Lots of movement in kit today. Saturday’s will be split between rucks and kit workouts. These will include a lot of movement to get your body used to moving with the external load. Sport specificity of the tactical athlete is being able to accomplish tasks with the external load.

Some mentality work today. Make the list and then go over your responses that you formulate for the negative self talk. Go over these responses before workouts this following week and implement them.