4 Dec 17

Dynamic work. Last week of bands from the bottom in this progression. Next week bands will Be from the top with more of a focus on the lock out. Box squats are meant to be wider stance with a focus of really firing those glutes as you bring your hips forward.

The endurance is an old crossfit endurance workout that I always loved. 3 rounds and rest however long you did the previous leg.

The optional work is focused on dealing with the change in your center of gravity once your kit is added. The 10-M T drill is simple but will help with your footwork. Don’t forget to use chopping steps as you come into the turn rather than trying to stride through and turn.

To see a great example of shop steps going into a turn verses not, check out @kc_speedandsport a few posts back of a group of kids doing the figure 8 drill. Watch the kids who did the chop steps at the turn to slow down and maneuver compared to the kid who had longer steps without chopping. Notice the turn radius and speed coming out of the turn.

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