8 Jan 18

Last week of our strength cycle. Next week will be a laid back deload week before going into a stamina focus.

A.1) take your time on loading prior to the jump. On the depth drop you need to stick the landing and hold for a moment before standing again. No longer than 2 seconds.

A.2) This should take NO longer than 10 minutes. I’d do 2 attempts MAX for the 20 RM. Listen to the cues your body is giving you. Keep a tight core and solid form. If your form breaks, you’re done.

B) going heavy on this classic metcon in exchange for shorter reps. Come up wait a game plan and stick to it. Strength movement followed by and explosive movement. I like this one.

C) Per usual a focus on the core. Today we are doing 360 core. Keep the band light on the good mornings and difficult but doable on the chops. Frog kicks are unweighted.

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