9 Jan 18

A little agility work today and working on that coordination piece.

A) if you’re looking to a little more of a challenge make the ball slams into burpee ball slams or increase the height on the Plyo Push-ups.

B.1) ladder drills. Simple footwork drills. See the second image for details of which drills to run. Quality, accuracy, and focus before speed. If you have to stop and fix the ladder after every round you need to slow down.

B.2) run forward, backwards and then forwards again. Use chopping to slow down rather than just planting a foot.

B.3) adding some distance and change of direction. These suck but are very good for you. Chop steps going into the turn, turn and go.

C) suit case carry, your choice on weight. Short distance offers the opportunity to go heavy to work on grip if so desired. Keep that core tight and remain upright.

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