26 Jan 18

A) this is a warm-up that I love to do. Increase slam ball weight each round. The goal is to get a powerful throw and then run towards it as fast as you can, reset and go again immediately.

B) this is a Loooong upper body intensive METCON with running and a sled drag added to keep your heart rate up while resting your arms.

Sled and sandbag weight is on you but don’t cheat yourself. Heavy but doable.

The rising sun is standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Sand bag next to your right foot, lift the sandbag over your head to full extension and bring it down outside of your left foot. That is one rep. Go back to the right and that is two reps.

Push-ups are to full full extension and the chest touches the ground. It’s only 21 don’t cheat.

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