6 Feb 2018

Great day and was able to get three workouts in.

The morning started with a rope run. A nice 5k run and every time I passed a rope climb I had to climb. The ropes were slick and cold so it wasn’t fun at the time but it was great to spike the heart rate.

The second workout focused on cycling and was an easy warm up at an RPE of 3 followed by 4 rounds of 6 minutes hard/2 minutes easy, cycling on the trainer. The goal was to keep the rpm on the hard rounds between 105-115. Finished with 5 minutes of easy cycling.

Then went into a shirt strength routine focused on arms to help with maintaining the aero pose on race day and then a short and hard METCON with the goal of keeping the heart rate elevated.


Push ups

KBS @ 60

double unders (45-30-15).

Sorry I forgot to post lately about the journey to the 200miler. I’m hoping the weather stops being bad with freezing temps or rain in the mornings. I need to get some Hill work in.

7 Feb 18

You can break the lunges into sets or do them all at once. Your call. If the ruck feels too heavy to do the lunges then drop the ruck and do all the lunges at once then throw it back on and keep going.