Took a day off from cycling and followed the main workout today in the morning and then did a METCON at lunch. This METCON might end up in the daily WOD sometime soon because it was a pretty good one.

Hit the powerlines for 3 miles and did the 50 lunges/leg from miles 2-2.5. Wore a 65 lbs weight ruck because my ALICE pack is rigged for jumping.

The midday workout was a push-pull burner that looked like this:

Wall balls 12’/18# WB 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2
**Tire wall push 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Hand over hand sled drag 15m @ 135#
Sled push 15m
GHD Sit-ups 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2

**The tire wall push is when you do a tire flip but push it as hard as you can against the wall (just past vertical) so it bounces back down. This is excellent when you don’t have a lot of space to do tire flips as you still get the whole movement in. You can also do this with a partner who pushes the tire back down.

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