Review: Tailwind Nutrition Caffeinated Endurance Fuel (Raspberry Buzz)

Prior to starting the reviews, I met with my sports nutritionist in order to have my sweat rate and composition tested. This allowed me to make a fueling plan for race day.

The testing involved putting sweat soak pads on my thigh, forearm, right pectoral, and forehead that would be analyzed for sodium content after the workout. I also had a urine sample tested for hydration levels and weighed in before and after the work out to track weight loss due to sweat.

The results came out that I was dehydrated, to begin with, and my sweat composition had high contents of sodium. My sports nutritionist came up with a game plan and we decided to utilize it for 6 weeks before retesting again.

I approach these reviews with that in mind and used the Timex Ironman watch to alert me every 15:00 to refuel. I marked my bottle to make sure I take in 9 oz every 15 minutes of the fuel mixed with regular water.

My diet stayed the same only a banana pre-ride/ruck and 12 ounces of water. The same two routes were utilized for the test days with one being a hilly ride of 26.3 miles and the second being a 5-mile sandy, hilly trail ruck at 65lbs in boots and uniform.

The fuels are tested on taste, mixability (does it mix easily), GI compatibility (does it cause gas or other discomforts), energy, and overall  (was there an impact on RPE, cramping, lethargy, etc).

Now on to the review!

Tailwind Nutrition Caffeinated Endurance Fuel (Raspberry Buzz) 12 pack ($30.00 or $2.50/packet ($1.25/serving)


Much like all of the products in this large review, I was recommended this product by some fellow racers. These guys weren’t just any racers but a couple raced in IronMan Triathlons at the top levels. If they tell you to give something a try, you give it a try.

I will start with a disclaimer that I used the entire pack in testing as my sodium needs are higher than most.

FLAVOR: 5/5 I ordered the Raspberry Buzz because I like to test all berry flavors. I usually find that they are more appealing to me and Tailwind didn’t let me down. The flavor was delicious which made it easy during the ride to stomach. It wasn’t too rich but it wasn’t lacking either. There wasn’t a strong aftertaste but enough to satisfy you and make you look forward to the next sip.

Mixability: 4/5 On the ride I mixed the packet with water that was in the fridge overnight. At first, the mixture clumped slightly and it took some shaking to mix it in completely which tends to happen with cold water and mixtures. On the ruck day, I used tap water and had no issues mixing the packet into the water quickly. Both days there was minimal settling in the bottles during the events that I noticed. It wasn’t until I returned from the ride that I noticed some reside in the bottom of the bottle that I assume was some settling during the ride. However, it was very minimal compared to other products. The only reason this is not a 5/5 is due to that settling during the ride.

During the ruck, I used the Tailwind Nutrition Soft Flask and as it bounced in my cargo pocket there was no settling due to the constant movement.

GI Compatability: 5/5 On both days there was not any discomfort or GI tract issues. There wasn’t any gas or bloating during the training or throughout the rest of the day.

Energy: 4/5 I felt pretty good during both events through the energy I felt at the beginning slightly subsided during the ruck. This is the same route I ruck every Friday and the last 800 meters lacked the impact I was hoping for from the 70mg of caffeine.

With regards to the cycling training, I felt the energy through the entire ride and felt the effects of the additional caffeine with regards to attentiveness and focus. Caffeine is one of the most studied ergogenic aids for endurance sports so including it in their product was a great call, in my opinion.

Overall: 4.5/5 Overall this is a quality product and is definitely making it into the final round for the upcoming race season. I felt great, focused, and ready for the training with minimal sluggishness. The flavor was great and there were no GI tract issues to deal with when riding or rucking (always a HUGE benefit). The price per serving ($1.25) is incredible, especially with respect to the quality of supplement you get.

The 606mg of Sodium (2 servings, the whole packet) is just outside the high end of my fueling plan but still worked without causing additional issues. I didn’t feel sluggish or depleted after the ride, though I did feel that way slightly after the ruck. (Additional testing will be done to see if it was due to the ruck route or the fuel)

Purchased in February of 2018 the best by date is September of 2019. You have an extended shelf life to get through 12 packs though I feel they won’t need to last that long.

The sugars used are Non-GMO and are very simple monosaccharides (Dextrose and Sucrose) which make them very quick to be absorbed by your system and won’t sit in your intestines long which might be one of the reasons there weren’t any GI tract issues.

The sodium comes from Sodium Citrate (usually used as a preservative or for flavor) and Sea Salt which helps avoid dehydration, balances electrolytes in the body and helps relieve muscle cramps, etc.

In review, I highly recommend giving Tailwind Nutrition a try. If endurance is your focus or you are looking for some extra fuel while you prepare for a longer ruck movement I can say that it worked well for me under testing conditions both cycling and rucking. The taste is great, it mixes well, and the additional caffeine helps to keep you focused.


If you have any questions on my methods used, equipment used, routes, or general questions, post a comment or use our contact page.

– Tyler

If you are interested in having a product or supplement tested please send us an e-mail on our product page. Please only contact us if your product is related to strength training, tactical fitness, or endurance sports (cycling, running, rucking), thank you.

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