Know thyself

In order to reach your optimum performance level you need to first understand yourself. That means taking a physical, mental, and spiritual self-inventory/assessment in order to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and gaps.

– – –

Until we can understand ourselves we will always be limited by a false image of who we assume we are. This might be based on external perceptions and not on a true understanding of who you are and who you can become.

– – –

Physical: Not just your ideal attributes; look at what is needed to perform in your profession/sport. Are you training the right energy systems, do you spend enough time on mobility, what movements should you be doing but you’re not?

– – –

Mental: How is your current mental state impacting your performance? What skills do you use, what don’t you use? How’s your self-talk? Do you build a plan prior to competition, set goals, use imagery, build confidence, and pursue greatness through having a mastery mindset?

– – –

Spiritual: Not just faith but your belief in yourself. Where do you put your faith and trust? If your answer is nowhere then you have some work to be doing.

– – –

Seek to better yourself through knowing yourself.

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