eaglelogoAmerican Made Strength started as an opportunity, while deployed on my second trip to Afghanistan in 2013, to apply what I was learning in my M.S. degree program to practical programming for tactical athletes.

After finishing my M.S. in Sports and Health Science and a slew of CrossFit certifications, I continued posting the workouts online for those who followed the programming in Afghanistan. I am currently continuing my education as I pursue a Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Sports and Performance Psychology and plan to be graduating in early 2020. I am also currently in the process of completing my 400 mentored hours for the AASP-CMPC. My vision is to use competitive sports as a method to help SOF members transition out of a highly competitive, close-knit team environment and into the civilian world.

dropMy programming philosophy is simple. Build a well-rounded, tactical athlete with a foundation in muscular endurance, who can also move weight efficiently, and recover quickly.

I use my experiences from my time in SOF in the mountains of Afghanistan and on the ground in Iraq, my education, and my experience coaching to build sport-specific conditioning programming for the tactical athlete. I also incorporate my passion and education in Sport and Performance Psychology to incorporate mental skills training methods to help strengthen the mind in order to be able to push the body farther when the need arises.

What it comes down to is building a well-rounded athlete through training the body, mind, and spirit to be as prepared as possible.