Mental Skills Training

You take the time to train your body, getting your nutrition right, making sure to rest for recovery, and using a quality strength program to help you accomplish your goals, but are you preparing yourself mentally as well?

If you find that you are lacking on the mental training side of your preparation then keep reading to see how we might be able to help you.

Before we can go into the details of how American Made Strength can help you in your training you need to understand what mentality training is. Mentality training uses multiple methods and techniques to build a bulletproof mind and body connection by giving you skillsets that can be used during your train up, during a competition, or during recovery after a competition. We use different assessments to determine your strengths and struggles then work with you to build a plan of action incorporating the specific skills which would benefit your training and competing.

The goal is to prepare you psychologically for the demands being placed on you by competition, or your profession, which is best achieved by working directly with you and your support team.

What does a mental skills training coach do?

A mentality coach can be involved in a variety of ways depending on your needs, goals, and perceived limitations. Some of the ways a mentality coach can be involved include:

  • Working with you to increase performance through the teaching, training, and utilization of mental skills training (MST) which include techniques such as goal-setting, self-talk, imagery, visualization, and breathing techniques.
  • Working with you to help control your response to anxieties related to competition or performance events. The goal is to help control your response to the anxiety-producing stimuli in order to have a more positive outcome.
  • Working with you to help build a stronger mindset in preparation for an upcoming competition or performance event.
  • Working with injured athletes during the recovery process, which can be painful and lonely for an athlete. However, during this recovery time, you can gain a huge benefit from the practice of MST in order to enhance your performance once you return from your injury. It is also a beneficial way to help maintain physical and psychological health during the recovery process.
  • We promise to put in the effort to help you reach your goals but you need to be willing to put in the same amount of effort as well.

Who is mental skills training for?

  • Mental skills training is for anyone who is looking for a performance improvement, there is no limitation due to age, abilities, or experience in the sport.
  • Tactical athletes are one of our focuses as we have worked with competitive shooters (3-gun and precision rifle), U.S. Military Personnel, individuals preparing to enlist into the U.S. Military, and individuals preparing for different assessments and selections.
  • We also work with athletes who compete in individual sports and team sports.
  • Mental skills training can be beneficial for students who have anxiety due to presentations or tests at school or professionals who feel stressed due to their profession.
  • You do not need to be local as we can communicate via e-mail, Skype, or over the phone if you prefer due to traveling for work or competitions.

What services do we offer?

  • Individual mental skills training coaching: We work one-on-one with competitors, athletes, and professionals to help prepare them for the rigors of their specific events. Using an individualized program with one-on-one discussions we work together to help build a bulletproof mind that works with your body to help you perform at your optimum level.
  • Workshops: Using an active approach to mental skills training, we work with your athletes or professionals to build skills necessary to staying focused, persevering through adversity, and building a solid mind/body connection to increase performance.  Workshops can range from 2-hours to a full weekend block depending on your availability and needs.
  • Coach/Athlete mental skills training: If you are a coach who works one-on-one with athletes we can work with you and your athletes together to make sure you both learn the skills and techniques for building the mind/body connection.
  • Tactical Athlete mental skills coaching: Having a background in SOF we use sport-specific skills to train mindset and focus using a variety of additional tools incorporating high-intensity training, profession specific kit, and tactical training tools (ex: SIRT Pistol, & optics).

What is being said about American Made Strength Mental Skills Training?

“Too often the mental game is overlooked. People will spend hours doing repetitions in the gym or on the range but never take the time to train the most powerful part of the body, the mind. The drills we have been running through have helped sharpen my skills, not only in competition but in everyday life as well.”  ~ Dan P. (Precision Rifle/CrossFit Competitor)

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