December 3

Here is the first day example of a personal program developed for an athlete looking to increase his general strength though he is already extremely strong. He was given strength, endurance, and mental/physical stamina assessments which were then used, along with his initial interview, to determine the program's focus, progression, and intensities. The athlete is … Continue reading December 3

Know thyself

In order to reach your optimum performance level you need to first understand yourself. That means taking a physical, mental, and spiritual self-inventory/assessment in order to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. - - - Until we can understand ourselves we will always be limited by a false image of who we assume we are. … Continue reading Know thyself

28 Nov 18

Head into Wednesday with some row/ruck work followed by Yin Yoga. The breath work, body control, and longer holds carry over to sports and life. Give it a try. If you’re taking part in the @goruck fundraiser for @greenberetfoundation you can kick off your miles with this workout! The transition from row to ruck should … Continue reading 28 Nov 18

27 Nov 18

Look to increase weight on the strength portion by 5-10 lbs. this is the last week of 200m repeats before we bump up to 400m. Active SOF guys add two additional rounds (6 total) to the 200m repeats.

26 Nov 18

I love Monday’s. The box jump complex is all about control. The pause should be 1-2 seconds and there should not be a rush getting through. Good jumps, proper foot placement, and soft landings. Part C is really going to test your core, base the deadlifts off your 1RM. The leg lifts should alternate sides, … Continue reading 26 Nov 18